Sinus Augmentation in Covina, CA

While dental implants allow patients to regain the full function and appearance of their teeth, there are many cases where the upper jaw does not have the bone structure necessary to support dental implant placement. At St. Mary Dental, Dr. Saeda Basta in Covina helps patients qualify for dental implants by performing sinus lifts or sinus augmentation procedures prior to the placement of dental implants.

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Why Do I Need a Sinus Lift or Sinus Augmentation?

When a patient loses his upper back teeth (premolars and molars) the jaw bone housing these teeth called the alveolar bone collapses causing a deficiency in the bone height and width in the area. At the same time when the premolars and the molars are lost the floor of the maxillary sinus expands which further reduces the amount of bone present in the posterior area.  For those patients who have lost that sufficient bone structure, a sinus lift procedure can be used to graft extra bone into the maxillary sinus cavity after lifting the sinus membrane up to create enough bone to facilitate the placement of dental implants.

When the implants are placed and secured well to the bone, patients will be able to experience improved speech and chewing function. By building a strong foundation to support the implant, a sinus lift helps to protect the integrity of the placement and improve long-lasting implant success.

How Sinus Lifts are Performed 

A sinus lift is a less invasive procedure and is usually performed at the time of implant placement when the sinus floor needs to be lifted less.

The technique is performed by making an incision in the gum area where the implant is intended to be placed.  Our Covina dentist then reflects the gum tissue back and starts to drill just short of the membrane, and prepares the site for the implant placement. Dr. Basta then lifts the floor of the sinus by tapping the sinus floor using special tools called osteotomes. The amount of augmentation achieved with the osteotome technique is usually less than what can be achieved with the lateral window technique.

How Sinus Augmentations are Performed

A sinus augmentation is a more invasive surgical procedure and in many cases does not coincide with the implant placement. The technique is performed when Dr. Basta makes an incision in the edentulous areas of the premolars and the molars exposing the jaw bone underneath. Then Dr. Basta pulls back the gum tissue, exposing the lateral bony wall of the sinus, and cutting a "window" to the sinus exposing the sinus membrane called the Schneiderian membrane.  She separates the membrane from the bone using special tools and places bone graft material into the newly created space. The gums are then sutured closed and the graft is left to heal for 4–6 months.

Dr. Basta performs sinus lifts and bone grafting procedures to add increased bone volume into the previously open space. This procedure stimulates bone regeneration to prepare the site for future implant placement.

Post-Treatment Care

After your sinus lift treatment, you are advised to rest and avoid strenuous activities for the remainder of the day. Be careful when sneezing, and avoid blowing your nose. Dr. Basta may recommend using decongestant medications. Apply an ice pack to the site of the operation to minimize the swelling for the first day. Dr. Basta also suggests:

- Eating soft food
- Maintaining a balanced diet
- Drinking plenty of water
- Drinking without a straw
- Avoiding vigorous rinsing
- Avoiding lifting the lip to look at the operation site

It is possible to accidentally tear the sutures and delay the healing process. You may be instructed to use a prescription antimicrobial mouth rinse. Pain medication will be also prescribed, to be taken as needed. Be sure to follow the instructions on included with any pain medication you are prescribed.

During the next several months, the grafted materials harden and integrate with the natural bone. The stitches will either dissolve naturally or be removed. Once the area has healed and grafts have integrated, our Covina sinus lift provider is able to successfully place your dental implant, helping you to achieve a full function and healthy bite.

Same-Day Implant Placement

For qualified patients, your implant can be placed the same day as your sinus augmentation procedure. This version of the procedure allows for shortened healing time as the graft and implant integrate to the bone at the same time.

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