About our Covina, CA Dental Practice

Dr. Basta and our team provide patients throughout Covina, San Dimas, Azusa, and the neighboring communities with quality cosmetic dental procedures and restorations that enhance comfort and the long-term health of your bite. Every service we provide adheres to our core values:

Passion: to educate and serve our patient's dental demands.
Patient-Focused: ensure every patient is satisfied and cared for.
Uncompromising Excellence: delivering the highest dental care.
Integrity: we are professional, ethical and accountable.

Health and Education Focused Treatment

The care provided by our Covina cosmetic dentist is designed to ensure patients restore the balance and health of their mouth. Dr. Basta possesses specialized training in the field of prosthodontics, giving her additional insight into the function and architecture of the upper and lower dental arches. 

The services at St. Mary Dental prioritize our patient’s long-term oral health. In addition to restoring function, our Covina prosthodontist focuses on preventive care, helping individuals alleviate certain conditions that may contribute to temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), sleep disorders, and other issues that often stem from bite imbalance. Our preventive approach emphasizes the education of patients as to the restorations available to them, and how these treatments will protect their long-term oral health. 
With this multi-faceted approach to full mouth restoration, Dr. Basta is able to provide all patients with restored dental health and function. 

Individualized Dental Care in Covina, CA

Restorations such as dentures, bridges, and implants provided by Dr. Basta are backed by more than a decade of specialized prosthodontic experience and her personal commitment to helping patients. At St. Mary Dental patients are cared for as people, not numbers, and we provide treatment that caters to the individual needs of your bite, rather than pushing unnecessary or excessive procedures.

During your first visit to our Covina dental practice, Dr. Basta reviews your medical history as well as your dental history. Dr. Basta then performs a comprehensive examination of your mouth and evaluate the condition of your dental status. Additional diagnostic records may be necessary to evaluate and analyze your occlusal condition ( existing bite). A comprehensive treatment is then presented to you to address your concerns and achieve your short and long-term oral health. We provide you with constant updates on the progress of your treatment step by step. We believe that our patients are active partners in the executions of their treatment.  

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Whether you are in need of a singular dental implant or a set of dentures to restore your function Dr. Saeda Basta and our Covina dental team are dedicated to your long-term oral health. We provide high-quality restorations for patients throughout Covina, San Dimas, Azusa, and the surrounding communities.

Our Mission Statement

"Our mission at St. Mary dental is to diagnose our patient’s dental problems, educate them on the advancement and new technologies related to their oral rehabilitation, and to utilize the most advanced dental therapies to their benefit.

We believe that providing excellent oral care is a must but is not sufficient if we did not empower our patients to take an active role in their overall dental health.

We at St. Mary dental aspire to learn and advance continually to accompany the advancement in dentistry.

We will treat every patient with honesty, integrity, empathy, and professional manner." 

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