Implant Supported Dentures

Implant-Supported Dentures in Covina, CA

Implant-supported dentures are the ideal restoration for patients with missing teeth. These permanent restorations combine the strength of dental implants with the functional benefits of traditional dentures. Dr. Basta places implants to support full and partial dentures, allowing patients to regain a healthy bite and beautiful smile. 

Why Choose Implant-Retained Dentures?

While traditional dentures allow patients to regain some function, they are unable to support the long-term health of the jaw and are never ideally stable. The lack of bone stimulation from a missing tooth leads to the deterioration of the jawbone, causing further difficulties in bite and speech function. The placement of dental implants helps rejuvenate bone, prevents further bone loss in the area and, securely anchors the denture plates.

Our Covina implant-supported dentures are also crafted by a specialty dental lab, ensuring a comfortable fit and optimal bite for our patients. After the initial placement of your implant, we will wait for your dental implant to osseointegrate, fixing it firmly in your jaw bone. This healing will be followed by several “try-in” appointments, to ensure the ideal fit of your dentures and to achieve your aesthetic, phonetics, and functional demands. 

Types of Implant Retained Dentures

Traditional, adhesive-based dentures are conveniently removable as are implant supported dentures which are affixed to two or more implants, depending on the size and shape of the patient's jawbone.

During your consultation, our Covina dentist will describe your implant options to give you a better understanding of the expected results to fit your oral healthcare needs. The options for implant-supported dentures we provide include:

Bar-retained -- Bar-retained dentures can be used to support dentures for patients who struggle with comfort and daily upkeep. The bar allows patients to stabilize their dentures and prevent the plate from rubbing against their gums. This type of removable denture should be removed and cleaned each night.

Ball-retained -- These dentures directly attach to caps, or abutments, placed atop the implant. The abutments connect to the underside of your denture through “male” and “female” connectors to ensure a stable fit with the ability to snap on and off. They are easily cleaned and should be removed each night as you would with adhesive-based dentures.

Hybrid Dentures -- Fixed implant-supported dentures, or hybrid dentures, are a non-removable type of denture. This restoration is ideal for those who have experienced some bone loss and are looking for a permanent restoration that requires less maintenance. 

This type of denture most closely feels like your natural teeth, and are only removed and cleaned by our Covina denture provider. These dentures are also made to ensure the area beneath the denture remains healthy between maintenance appointments.

Combined with the specialization of our prosthetics lab, Dr. Basta’s experience in the field of prosthodontics ensures a more comfortable and functional fit. If you feel that your dentures require any additional adjustment after your final appointment, see Dr. Basta immediately and we will arrange for the necessary adjustments to be made.

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