Single Tooth Replacement

When both the tooth and root are damaged, or when you are missing a single tooth, the best permanent replacement is to restore your defective or missing tooth with a dental implant.  Dental implants will provide the solution that looks and functions just like a natural tooth without extensive treatment to other healthy teeth.

Using a single implant will help preserve the condition of healthy adjacent teeth and stimulate bone tissue and gums to ensure an attractive and excellent esthetic result over time.  Restoring single implants are quick and provide you immediate results.  Once the treatment is completed, you should expect the new tooth to fit and function just like a natural tooth.  Maintaining high levels of healthy hygiene habits and continuing your dental implant recare in our office will ensure your implants last you a lifetime.

 Single implant restoration

Alternatives to single implant restoration


Tooth-supported fixed bridge
A traditional bridge involves grinding down adjacent teeth to support the bridge. It is a stable solution with good esthetics and function that is fairly easy to install. However, this alternative has two main disadvantages: continuous bone resorbtion (bone loss) in the edentulous area, and sacrificing nearby healthy teeth on behalf of the bridge.


Removable partial denture
This is not a permanent alternative to a lost tooth. It is unstable and loosely attached, which affects both function and comfort. A removable partial denture is made of plastic – a material that can't create the same esthetic result as a ceramic crown. The benefits are few but do exist: adjacent teeth aren't affected. It is easily and quickly installed and relatively inexpensive. 


Resin-bonded bridge

This alternative has some clear advantages: it is quickly installed, functions well and, since it is made of ceramic, it gives a high esthetic result. Moreover, natural healthy teeth aren't affected. But it is not very permanent. The resin-bonded bridge will eventually come off – probably after just a couple of years – and will then have to be reinstalled.


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